Taskimo develops wearable-first software solutions for firstline workers.

Three industrial workers having a meeting while on holding a tablet and one wearing Realwear HMT-1
Collage of multiple wearable electronics, a Realwear HMT-1 worn on a hard hat, a smartwatch having AI letters on screen and a person having a wearable device attached on forearm and a ring scanner attached to finger
We leverage state-of-the-art cognitive computation technologies that often include artificial intelligence practices like speech recognition and computer vision. Our solutions have a specific focus on enterprise wearables including wearable computers, cameras and sensors to capture data from the field and enable firstline workers to reach contextual data on-the-job while having hands-free.
We believe that according to the current state-of-the-art, speech is the most powerful and natural interaction technique until mental control (brain-controlled computation) is effectively utilized to trigger algoritms therefore we widely use speech interactions in our solutions.

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