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Young Caucasian worker in protective suit doing digital inspection using tablet.


Digital Inspections: Embracing Efficiency in Modern Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced business landscape, efficiency and accuracy are paramount to success. However, the average US office worker still uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Even worse, a study from Xerox found that nearly half of all printed documents are thrown away within 24 hours, and 30% are never picked up from […]


Unlock the Potential of Digital Work Instructions: A Practical Guide

When organizations seek to enhance their processes, they often assume that significant overhauls are necessary to achieve desired outcomes. However, it is often the simplest solutions that prove to be the most effective. In the realm of lean manufacturing, standardized digital work instructions offer a powerful means of driving operational excellence and fostering innovation. The […]


Apple’s VisionPro: A promising Headset Addressing Key XR Challenges

Apple’s recent announcement of the VisionPro headset has sent ripples of excitement throughout the XR (Extended Reality) community. Loaded with innovative features and backed by an impressive portfolio of about 5000 new patents, the VisionPro promises to revolutionize the user experience. After dedicating almost a decade to investing in the XR and wearables market, I’m […]


Top 5 reasons to digitize forms in enterprise

We are in the middle of a worldwide digital transformation with direct investments in digital solutions growing at a CAGR of 15.5% every year. Businesses are leveraging new technologies to automate and streamline time-consuming business processes that would ordinarily drain significant time and resources. One such process which is ideally suited for digitization is form-filling.  […]


The Connected Worker: A Rising Star of the Digital Workplace

With industry 4.0 putting digital innovation in the workforce on top of the agenda, and the inescapable rise of wearables, we witness an emerging reality: “The Connected Worker”. Steering The Digital and Industrial Transformation Industries today are on a constant quest to enhance their manufacturing practices while minimizing costs, increasing talent retention, providing a safe […]

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