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Add Tips to Tip Lists to create
a personal wiki

Users can create Tip Lists and add Tips to personal Tip lists just like creating playlists in a music app.
In time, Tip Lists become a personal quick reference library.

Download Tip Lists for offline access

Users can download contents of Tip Lists on device for offline access so that valuable information they need is always handy.
Smiling man holding a mobile phone standing on an offshore oil platform
Young maintenance worker shows a Tip on Taskimo TIPS to an old frontline worker

Systematically digitize tribal
know-how for newer generations

Curating Tips for your staff and your customers also means that you systematically digitize your know-how.

Use TIPS as a single source-of-truth for the entire product line/equipment park

Let it be the equipment park in your production facility or your product line, Use TIPS as a knowledge base for standard operating procedures (SOPs), staff training materials, user manuals, maintenance procedures or simply as your corporate wiki. All is under your control.

Collect Tip requests from users

Keep track of incoming Tip requests to identify overlooked areas where your staff/customers look for practical know-how.

Use Tip ratings and reviews to increase Tip quality

Get user insights automatically through low ratings or incoming complaints about a Tip which is a valueable tool to adjust Tip content / quality.
Illustration showing Taskimo TIPS can integrate SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo and uses Restful APIs to easily integrate

Designed for Enterprise

TIPS offers on-premise, customer cloud installation, and custom integrations to backend systems like SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc...

TIPS with your Corporate branding

Customize Tips with your corporate branding and make TIPS entirely yours.
3 mobile phones having Taskimo TIPS login screens with different customer theme colors and thematic background images

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