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We lead by setting trends, not following them, embracing dynamic testing and learning from mistakes. As a customer-first, product-driven company, our passion for making a difference fuels our determination to be the best, achieving ambitious goals through collaboration with the most creative minds in the industry.

We Lead

We don’t follow trends — we set them. Our team is autonomous and entrepreneurial, and we have the courage to test and learn dynamically, unafraid of making mistakes. As we learn, we adapt quickly and efficiently to position ourselves to seize every opportunity. Where others typically react, we are already one step ahead thanks to our proactive approach. It is how we pave the way for others to follow.

Change is the only constant — so no matter what the status quo is, we continuously challenge ourselves to find a better way. We push past the current limitations of technology to develop innovative solutions that make a real difference for our clients and society. If this leads us across unchartered territory, we embrace the risks and seize any opportunity to learn. Progress is our passion, and we work tirelessly and iteratively to make it a reality.

We truly believe in what we do and are driven to make a difference in the world. This passion fuels our determination to find new ways to solve tough challenges and drives us to be the best that we can be. As a customer-first, product-driven company that places high value on continuous learning, we have what it takes to consistently direct our passion into positive action.

The only way to achieve our ambitious goals is by working with the most creative minds in the industry. We seek out innovators and disruptors with unique perspectives to bring their expertise and unwavering dedication to every challenge. These are the outliers who inspire us to reach higher and achieve the seemingly impossible. We believe that with correct team, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

We work with the best
We work as One

As individuals, we are laser-focused, driven, and passionate about our work. But it’s only by collaborating across disciplines that we can turn our game-changing ideas into reality. Encouraging an environment of collaboration, and mutual respect, where everyone feels heard and valued is a big part of our culture. By sharing our ideas openly, we can learn from each other and take Taskimo to even greater heights.

We strive to be impactful

Our focus is on solving real-world problems in a way that is efficient, sustainable, and scalable. We are not satisfied with mere incremental improvements — we want to make a real difference. It’s why we pay attention to the smallest details — we’re well aware that they can have the biggest impact. Through this approach, we’ve positioned Taskimo to create lasting value for our valued customers and society as a whole.

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. We are transparent in our actions and always seek to develop relationships that are founded upon trust with our partners. In addition to this, we never shy away from taking responsibility for our decisions and their impact on the people around us. This is how we make Taskimo a company that everyone is proud to be a part of.

We take ownership
We prioritize simplicity

If a solution is not elegant and easy to use, it’s not Taskimo. We cherish “less is more” philosophy and we are committed to designing with intention and purpose — ensuring to always keep the user in mind. We focus on what is essential and let go of the rest. Our motto is to keep things simple, minimalistic, and intuitive. This is how we create products that are both beautiful and effective, designed to solve real problems and to make life easier for real people.

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