Facilities Management

Main Benefits

Boost skills with digital SOPs and OPLs

Consolidate your siloed data from different worksites or departments into a single hub with bespoke analytic panels to achieve transparency throughout your business processes. Identify frequently failing components, benchmark the effectiveness of different facilities, and leverage pertinent information to enhance decision-making and adopt exemplary procedures.

Simplify inspections for safer, optimal facility conditions

Simplify property inspections, fire safety checks, and any other risk assessments needed at your facility. With frequent non-conformance checks, easy assignment of preventative and corrective actions, and real-time sensor monitoring, you can have confidence that your teams are working in optimal conditions.

Elevate operations with planned maintenance and insights

Surpass just fixing issues as they arise by instituting planned maintenance that aligns with your required intervals. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of your assets, capturing both their historical and forthcoming events. Establish automated notifications to ensure your teams are informed in advance of upcoming maintenance assessments.

Effortless checklists for error-free operations

Create simple checklists that your teams can use on any device to make sure everything is done correctly the first time and every time.

Seamless checklist imports and smart workflows

Import your existing inspection forms into Taskimo in no time. Set up smart logic workflows to get the right information every time. Change your procedure or cheklist templates as you need them, anytime. Ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date inspections and performing work accurately across your organization.

Create Work Orders faster using templates

Receive activity requests, automatically create and assign a work order to an asset, location, or technician, and follow the progress of work orders in real time.

Simplify control checklists with prefilling inputs

Set default values for control tasks so you only need to update the ones that are different. This makes control checklists easier. Send reports automatically to the right people based on conditions. This way, everyone is on the same page about an issue.

Never miss an inspection with automated alerts

Rest easy knowing that inspections won’t be overlooked. Establish deadlines and repetition parameters, and receive notifications for any overdue inspections.

Enhance indicent evidences with media

Capture and annotate images and videos to show rich evidence. Scan barcodes/QR/NFC codes, set min-max tolerance limits, and use voice-to-text to avoid errors. Confirm with signature, GPS location, and time stamping. Work with confidence in any situation with auto-save and offline feature.

Comprehensive frontline activity insights

Gain extensive visibility on frontline activities. Know what happened, when, by whom and how. Access to detailed maintenance logs and audit trail for accountability.

Digital records = Peace of mind in compliance

Digitize all record-keeping to eliminate physical paper. Reach historical timeseries data of any activity or operator. Segment, summarize, or compare the data to reveal hidden operational issues. Keep up with regulatory compliance with easy access to your full inspection history. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your team is always ready for a surprise visit from an inspector.

Customize reports, brand, and automate

Create reports in your own style. Add your logo and branding to make them yours. Send reports automatically when frontline teams finish Works. Keep a digital record with a complete audit trail.

Personalized dashboards for unified operational insights

Create and personalize analytics dashboards with the metrics and performance indicators that are important to you. Connect and combine your operational data: monitor inspections, actions, issues, and schedules data in one place.

Seamless integration with custom integration workflows

Use your usual business tools and create custom integration workflows to suit your teams’ specific needs with Taskimo’s easy-to-use APIs and webhooks. Create syncing connections between Taskimo and the other systems like (SAP, ServiceNow, Maximo) you use to manage and run your business.

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