Reveal real-time insights from operational data

Quickly identify operational inefficiencies and get periodic analytic dashboards right in your inbox. Have full control on your operational data, and use it wherever you need. Use Taskimo’s extensive APIs, web hooks, and ready-to-use integrations to push data to systems like SAP, Google Drive, Zapier, OneDrive, SharePoint and many more.

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Instant & real-time access to field data & reports

Instantly access to all real-time field data and reports to have full control on what’s happening on the field. See who did what, when, where and for how long. Get insights from captured media, notes, todo items, other user inputs and task statuses. Drill down on a specific task input value and observe the data point from a historical perspective

Automatically create pre-formatted reports

Automatically create pre-formatted PDF reports; map input fields to custom report formats to reflect your corporate identity. Set dispatch rules to automatically send PDF reports by email or save them in a specific cloud folder.

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Advanced conditional content & dispatch logic

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Create conditional dispatch logic rules to decide what happens when a form/guide is completed. Push data to legacy systems like SAP, save custom PDF report to an FTP/SFTP server, push data to an API, notify people or create new work order if a particular input value is outside tolerance limits. Your data, your imagination…

Send form/guide data anywhere

Make form/guide data available to consume via web hooks so that you can control which portion of the data goes where

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Analyze like a pro

Advanced analytics for field activity data mining purposes. Compare field worker performance on a particular job, data mine and reveal potential areas of operational improvement or gamify field activities combined with performance based premium systems.Quickly track KPIs, performance trends with custom dashboards for a particular form/guide.Compare cycle times of each task with realized average task durations to optimize field operations

Automated insights delivered to your inbox

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Set dispatch rules to periodically send KPI dashboards to selective users by email so that you’re always on top of your game.

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