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Digitally transform manual forms, checklists, One-Point Lessons (OPLs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and user guides. Collect field data, and automate field processes like never before.

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No-code form/guide builder

Don’t get tricked with workflow diagrams. They are always hard to use and often too complex to manage. Our form/guide editor is very simple to use. Same rich functionality but with no complexity. Simply add tasks, adjust their settings, and add conditional rules if needed. As simple as that…

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Enriched task content

Power up your forms, digital guides, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and user manuals by adding descriptive media, documents, and rich descriptions so that users can understand how to perform a task. Add annotations on images to better create descriptive content. Add videos in auto-play mode

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Associate tasks with document sections

No need to manually save a section of a large PDF file. Create a subsection of a large PDF document and associate only the section with a task. While opening, only the section (not the entire document) is visible at the task page saving valuable time on the field.

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Use separator cards to segregate sections

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Add separator cards with title and descriptions to segregate sections from each other so that users get informed on what comes next and how to get prepared.

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Extensive input types

Capture a wide variety of field data including numeric value, descriptive text, date, image, video, audio, barcode/QR scan, NFC scan, GPS location, rating, signature and many more.Annotate captured pictures on the go to emphasize and markup areas of interest. Upload any file from the field for further reference.

MObile app screen showing various input types

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