Operational Excellence

Main Benefits

Operational Excellence

Improve efficiency, simplify change management, and drive continuous improvement across your organization.

Achieve higher quality standards

Maintain uniform excellence in your processes with straightforward checklists that uphold and track standards in action, offering leaders instant analytical insights and reporting. Streamline operations and manage changes effortlessly by revising procedures with just a few clicks, and swiftly bring your teams up to speed with fresh regulations as they are instituted.

Perfect your processes with standardized checklists

Create simple checklists that your teams can use on any device to make sure everything is done correctly the first time and every time.

Streamline inspections with smart, adaptable workflows

Import your existing inspection forms into Taskimo in no time. Set up smart logic workflows to get the right information every time. Change your procedure or cheklist templates as you need them, anytime. Ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date inspections and performing work accurately across your organization.

Create Work Orders Faster Using Templates

Make work orders easily with ready-made templates. Simplify regular or repeated jobs, and get the right data every time.

Prefilled checklist tasks to reduce data input burden

Set default values for control tasks so you only need to update the ones that are different. This makes control checklists easier. Send reports automatically to the right people based on conditions. This way, everyone is on the same page about an issue.

Capture, annotate, and confirm with precision

Capture and annotate images and videos to show rich evidence. Scan barcodes/QR/NFC codes, set min-max tolerance limits, and use voice-to-text to avoid errors. Confirm with signature, GPS location, and time stamping. Work with confidence in any situation with auto-save and offline feature.

Increase efficiency, decrease cost

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce the chances of human mistakes and equipment or product breakdowns by digitizing operating procedures and checklists, arranging regular maintenance, and refining quality assurance processes. Equipped with unified control panels, dashboards and expert reporting, you can confirm that operations are proceeding without a hitch—and respond promptly if they aren't.

Increase customer satisfaction

Continuously keep an eye on the performance of your resources, locations, products, and staff to identify any quality concerns promptly before they affect your clientele. If an issue is flagged, immediately set in motion the necessary remedial steps and follow them to a thorough resolution. Armed with a comprehensive audit trail, you can pinpoint the underlying cause and secure enduring customer contentment.

Empower frontline teams

Build a culture of ongoing growth and initiative by giving teams the tools they need to excel. Promote a spirit of teamwork and open communication, empowering each member to voice their observations. This way, any quality concerns or inefficiencies can be proactively tackled.

Work Orders with real-time tracking

Receive activity requests, automatically create and assign a work order to an asset, location, or technician, and follow the progress of work orders in real time.

Empower decisions, propel change

Find and prevent areas that need improvement by looking at the most common issues in your operations. Identify and fix problems quickly and effectively. See where your team needs more training, then create courses to help them learn new skills.

Go paperless with branded reports and complete digital records

Create reports in your own style. Add your logo and branding to make them yours. Send reports automatically when frontline teams finish Works. Keep a digital record with a complete audit trail.

Personalized dashboards for unified operational insights

Create and personalize analytics dashboards with the metrics and performance indicators that are important to you. Connect and combine your operational data: monitor inspections, actions, issues, and schedules data in one place.

Integrate seamlessly with Taskimo's APIs for tailored workflows

Use your usual business tools and create custom integration workflows to suit your teams’ specific needs with Taskimo’s easy-to-use APIs and webhooks. Create syncing connections between Taskimo and the other systems like (SAP, ServiceNow, Maximo) you use

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