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WORKS is a full-featured wearable workflow management platform to author, publish and follow-up digital instructions, SOPs, checklists, on-the-job training materials and user guides for the use of frontline workers.

Main Features

Step-by-step tasks,
all logged automatically

Completing a complex procedure has never been easier and intuitive with WORKS' easy to follow task screens.
In case a user requires more detailed information on a task, support media (photos, videos, audio) and/or documents are just a command/click away.
In select modes (Workflow, Training), all user activities including realized task cycle times, and user inputs are logged.

yet extremely easy to use

WORKS is a very powerful tool for frontline workers to follow operational procedures, get detailed insights on the job and even fill-out forms totally hands free.
Simply import existing workflows/checklists from Excel so that you do not need to enter all information that you already have.

Fill-out forms while working

WORKS contains extensive data collection capabilities. It is capable of handling multiple types of inputs (text, numeric/alphanumeric/alphabetic values, date/time, rating, multi/single select lists, photo, video, audio etc.) from within tasks. Advanced controls per input type (like value validations) makes collecting real-time contextual data very easy.

Schedule and assign
repetitive work orders to a single or a group of users

WORKS has an advanced scheduler to allocate a work to a single or a group of users in a timely manner. Every user sees own assignments and semi-finished works on any device that they sign in.
WORKS also has built-in communications tools so that the system could trigger SMS/email messages to inform a user for upcoming work assignment, deadline alert for pending works, and on-time/delayed finish log reports for managerial purposes.
TIPS is a mobile knowledge base that your staff or customers refer to when a quick tip or guidance is needed for a standard operating procedure (SOP), a product, equipment or, service.

Main Features

Hand wearing yellow glove holding a mobile phone showing Taskimo TIPS Tip screen

Get contextual information, right where and when you need it…

Simply search what you’re looking for and TIPS will give you all related context, like parts of user manuals, how-to documentation, maintenance procedures, training videos, guiding images, web links and even podcasts.

Stop losing valuable time looking for the right answer

Don’t get lost in going through in 300-pager user manuals or tens of how-to videos on Youtube. Get your answer right away.
Hand holding a mobile phone in front of an industrial workspace showing Taskimo TIPS tag filter screen with mutliple tags selected

Reach curated/segmented wisdom

Get informed in a curated and segmented manner; use tags and folders in order to reach correct information that you require.

Place Folder/Tag/Tip QR codes in the facility so that users can scan to reach available Tips easily

TIPS associate QR codes with Tip Folders, Tags and Tips. Print them out and place them in relevant areas (on an equipment, beside the foreman post, etc). Once scanned via mobile cameras, relevant contextual Tips are filtered and listed for quick access.

Where to use WORKS

Convert tribal knowledge to well-documented and versioned SOPs. Publish and make procedures available to a select group or entire firstline workers so that non-repetitive or complex procedures like changing spare parts, periodical maintenance and infrequent production/assembly operations are exercised correctly and efficiently at first run.

Digitize complex quality control checklists. Trigger different QC checklist for each variant of your product/service so that QC staff doesn't have to memorize relevant control steps per variant. Force evidential media+description capture for problematic tasks.

Enhance process & facility audits with rich task screen templates. Include media capture input tasks and record entire audit session with head mounted camera (Requires Realwear HMT-1) in order to ensure the auditor checked correct areas of interest.

Collect field data of various types (select list, value, short/long text, QR/barcode, date/time, etc) systematically embedding user inputs into checklists.

Prepare practical step-by-step procedural training programs for newcomers or for efficiency boost. Schedule and allocate selective training programs to a subset of workers. Remotely oversee training activities with comparative insights on worker progress. Implement gamification practices and automatically report on top/bottom performers.

Transform paper manuals to hands-free wearable knowledge base so that a specific procedure for any operation can be followed-up on-demand including support media/documentation and totally hands-free.

Male frontline worker wearing Realwear HMT-1 is using Taskimo WORKS to follow standard operating procedures hands-free

Where to use TIPS

Embed standard operational procedures (SOPs) with support media into TIPS and make them available to anybody via their own mobile devices. Start with basics and systematically collect Tip demands from users, and grow Tip-base organically.

Curate Tips covering frequently asked questions about a procedure, an equipment or a work station in order to reduce setup/escalation times. Segment Tips with tags so that users can quickly reach relevant solutions for a particular problem.

Create rich-content digital user manuals and retain tribal knowledge on all operational procedures in-house. Add multiple PDFs, media and links to enrich manuals using multiple information sources. Publish Tips to general public so that end users can reach to selective Tips to quickly find answers to product related questions.

Prepare Tips to support operational procedures for less frequent and complex procedures. Staff can access Tips as self-service training material anytime, anywhere and when they need. This is particularly necessary when working on less frequent tasks like occasional maintenance of equipments.

Man with a white hard hat holding a mobile phone in his hand searching through mobile knowledge base using Taskimo TIPS

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