Questions That We Frequently Receive

What are the most common use cases that people use Taskimo for?

Most common use cases that people use Taskimo for are product/service quality control checklists, HSE inspections, site/facility inspections, Standard Operating Procedures for assembly operations (car and alike machine manufacturers), One-Point-Lessons (in production scenarios).

We already have written procedures, but they are in Excel. Can I import them into Taskimo?

Sure. You can import your existing procedures/guides/forms into Taskimo using Excel. Taskimo supplies an import template that you need to fill in to ensure data relevance. You can copy-paste your existing information on Taskimo’s import Excel templates, then import the information into Taskimo. If anything goes wrong, Taskimo will supply you an error Excel file where you can see exactly which field prevented the record to be imported. Errors are handled on a record-by-record basis, so only problematic rows need to be corrected & re-imported.

Can a user reach Work Order or digital guide content via QR codes?

Yes, they can. All Work Orders, forms, guides, training materials, and user manuals are accessible via system generated QR codes. Equipment and locations are also associated with QR codes by Taskimo. In addition, you can associate physical NFC tags with Taskimo equipment/location records so that scanning a QR code or NFC tag will take you directly to relevant guides or available digital forms about the equipment/location.

Can Taskimo be used offline?

There are two answers to this question, and both are yes.

First, Taskimo mobile app users can work totally offline. They can follow guides/manuals and/or complete forms/checklists while the device is offline. User inputs and logs are automatically be transferred to the servers once the devices get connected to the Taskimo server. Data sync functions as back-office services so Taskimo mobile app would not even be running.

Second, for some enterprise scenarios (where Taskimo is deployed on-premises for instance) being offline means that the Taskimo servers not being connected to the internet. Taskimo servers and standard backend services do not rely on any 3rd party (online) systems thus Taskimo standard functionality will work fine in a disconnected local network.

Can I use Taskimo on smart glasses?

Yes, you can use Taskimo on smart glasses. Taskimo is customized to work seamlessly on RealWear devices via voice commands. RealWear is current market leader in enterprise smart glasses and Taskimo offers a total hands-free guidance/inspection means to enterprises.   Although Taskimo will work on any smart glasses having Android OS, certain navigation means would not have been tested by Taskimo Development Team. If you notice any issues on any smart glasses (including RealWear), please contact us so that we can fine-tune the app for your smart glasses brand.

Can I have my contractors use Taskimo to submit Work Orders to me?

Yes, you can add your contractors’ staff as Taskimo users. You can assign Work Orders/forms to them so that they exercise field activities that you request them to complete. Taskimo’s advanced tracking and logging infrastructure enables managers to make sure contractors complete their works on time and as expected. In addition to that, advanced conditional rules can be set to automatically get notified if a Work Order is not completed before due date.

Can Taskimo be used as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)?

Sure. Even if Taskimo does much more than a CMMS, you can use Taskimo exclusively a CMMS. You can add your field equipment and locations to Taskimo and set advanced repeating maintenance schedules for each equipment.

What are my deployment options?

You can use Taskimo on Taskimo Cloud. This is the most cost effective with quickest ramp-up option. Optionally, you can deploy Taskimo on your cloud (AWS/Azure/other), or on your on-premise physical servers

Can I integrate Taskimo data into my legacy system?

Of course. In principle data that you capture through Taskimo is your data, so you have multiple options to transfer/integrate the data to your legacy systems. Some of these options are web-hooks, OneDrive/Google Drive integration. More ready-to-use integration services are on the way.

Can I use Taskimo in my language?

Taskimo supports multi-language. Even if your language is not supported now, it’s very easy and fast to adjust the interface for new language. Contact us if you need Taskimo supports your language.

Can I white label Taskimo?

Yes, Taskimo interfaces can be white-labeled. Purchasing a corporate theme customization package will add your company logo, and corporate theme color to the admin portal and mobile app interfaces as well as email correspondences.

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