Empowering Fire Safety Excellence:
How Implementation of Taskimo Transformed Socar's Asset Management and Compliance

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Location: Izmir, Turkiye
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In the face of stringent fire safety mandates, Socar, a leading oil and gas industry giant, has undergone a transformation of its asset management processes with the adoption of Taskimo. This innovative solution has replaced manual, error-prone systems with a secure, on-premise digital platform, enhancing visibility over 70,000 mission-critical assets. Taskimo's mobile application and no-code form builder empower Socar’s staff to efficiently conduct and track inspections, even in the absence of Wi-Fi. The results are transformative: a 48% increase in operational efficiency, substantial time savings for field operators, and full staff retention due to Taskimo’s user-friendly design, all cementing its value in Socar's complex infrastructure.

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“Worked together, Taksimo and Socar OT teams have been instrumental in revolutionizing the fire safety inspection program, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The positive feedback from the staff has been overwhelming, confirming our joint solution as a pivotal element in our journey towards digital excellence in field inspection management."

Mustafa Bakir, Director, Operation Technologies

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As a leading player in the oil and gas industry, Socar boasts an extensive operational network across its refineries, which span a considerable geographic area. Given its role in producing highly volatile substances such as gas and petrochemicals, the company is mandated to maintain sophisticated fire prevention and response systems. These systems are designed not only to thwart fire hazards but also to operate effectively in the event of an incident. With an inventory exceeding 70,000 field assets—including fire trucks, emergency blankets, sprinkler systems, and extinguishers—Socar is compelled to execute a stringent asset management protocol, ensuring all equipment is rigorously maintained and in optimal working condition.

Historically, Socar managed these critical assets manually, utilizing Excel sheets for both operational management and compliance reporting—a method that proved to be intricate and laborious. This manual approach significantly taxed the time and efforts of both frontline workers and upper management. Furthermore, with its array of refineries and production sites scattered across Turkey and Azerbaijan, each facility operated under its own set of management and reporting standards. This inconsistency impeded the ability to consolidate data effectively, complicating the task of achieving a unified, real-time view of asset status across the enterprise.

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To elevate asset management and oversight within its expansive operations, Socar adopted the on-premise Taskimo solution, meticulously designed for heightened data security by remaining insulated from internet access.

The system synergizes with a bespoke mobile application, empowering field operators with the tools to swiftly identify and conduct inspections on assets through a QR code scanning mechanism. This approach not only streamlines asset tracking but also ensures stringent adherence to inspection standards by mandating the physical verification of each asset.

Leveraging Taskimo's intuitive no-code form builder, Socar employees—regardless of technical expertise—can create and refine periodic checklists for asset control. This versatility allows for the application of Taskimo across a myriad of asset types beyond fire safety systems, encompassing the full spectrum of Socar's extensive inventory.

Taskimo’s innovative content management allows for the publication of new checklist versions while preserving the accessibility of previous iterations, enabling asset managers to seamlessly navigate between past and present data states as operational demands dictate.

Addressing the challenge of limited connectivity across the sprawling refinery grounds, Taskimo's offline-first architecture ensures continuous data capture. Information collected in no-WIFI zones is automatically and securely transmitted to central servers upon the establishment of Wi-Fi connectivity, without requiring the mobile device to be actively used.

In harnessing Taskimo, Socar’s asset management team is equipped with real-time data and analytical reports. This immediacy is pivotal in monitoring compliance metrics—such as the validity of fire extinguishers—and triggers prompt alerts for any anomalies detected, thus facilitating swift corrective measures.

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The integration of Taskimo into Socar's asset management processes signified a paradigm shift from manual, labor-intensive practices to a streamlined, digital-first approach. This leap forward empowered Socar with unprecedented visibility over a crucial segment of mission-critical assets, aligning seamlessly with the industry's rigorous fire safety legal mandates. Through the advanced capabilities of Taskimo, Socar has adeptly navigated the management of routine inspections for an extensive network of over 70,000 assets.

The implementation of Taskimo has not only modernized asset inspection workflows but also driven a dramatic increase in operational efficiency. The asset management team recorded a staggering 48% boost in efficiency, effectively bypassing the traditional burdens of pre-inspection setups and exhaustive post-inspection documentation. An average field operator, equipped with Taskimo, now experiences time saving of approximately 4 hours each week during their inspection rounds.

In the traditionally conservative oil and gas sector, where change management often presents substantial hurdles, Taskimo's intuitive mobile application has made a notable difference. The app's design prioritizes user experience, ensuring that inspections are straightforward and manageable, even for those less accustomed to technological adaptations. This focus on usability has been pivotal in achieving full staff retention and capturing positive feedback from field workers. Such encouraging responses reinforce the value of Taskimo and cement its role as a critical tool for future operational processes within Socar's expansive, complex, and inherently bureaucratic infrastructure.

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Socar, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, established in 1992 and headquartered in Baku, stands as a pivotal player in the global energy sector. Employing more than 100,000 staff indicative of its expansive operational scale. In terms of production, SOCAR has impressive output exceeding an annual volume of 6B barrels of gas. This production is a critical part of Azerbaijan's oil and gas sector, with the country having 57 oil fields, including significant fields like the ACG oil field complex and the Shah Deniz gas field. Socar also has investments in various regions, Turkey being in the forefront exceeding $18B.  This dynamic growth and strategic investments in modern technologies underscore Socar's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the energy industry and emphasize its role as a major player in the global energy industry.