Revolutionizing Quality Control in automotive: Taskimo Unleashes Operational Excellence: Sodexo's Journey from Overwhelmed to Streamlined

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Industry: Facility Management
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Location: Istanbul, Turkiye
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Faced with the challenges of an overwhelming workload, underutilization of existing asset management tools, and an urgent demand for effective digital transformation, Sodexo strategically implemented Taskimo.

The user-friendly mobile application proved to be a pivotal factor, enhancing engagement and simplifying daily routines for frontline operators. Taskimo's robust reporting and analytic dashboard capabilities empowered facility management with real-time insights, while automated notifications streamlined issue tracking. The results speak volumes, with Taskimo handling over 100,000 monthly inspection tasks within a short timeframe, achieving nearly 100% acceptance rates from frontline operators and saving Sodexo thousands of worker hours monthly. This success marks Sodexo's shift from overwhelmed operations to a state of optimized excellence.

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As a facility manager, Taskimo has proven to be a remarkable asset, offering a level of user-friendliness that surpasses even globally recognized Asset Management tools. The simplicity of Taskimo's interface has been a game-changer for our field operators, and the transition to using it was remarkably smooth. Unlike other tools, Taskimo has garnered almost no resistance from our team – they embraced it from day one. This ease of use not only enhances overall efficiency but also contributes to a positive work environment, allowing our field operators to focus on their tasks with minimal distractions. Taskimo has truly set a new standard in our facility management operations."

Faruk Yazgan
Technical Services Manager, Sodexo

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Before the implementation of Taskimo, Sodexo's Facility Services faced several challenges:

Workload and Operational Intricacies: Due to increased demand, Sodexo's Facility Services dealt with a considerable workload and operational intricacies in their daily facility and equipment inspections where manual inspection processes were still practiced. This included overseeing a variety of facilities and complex assets, like the operational A/C units in a national bank's datacenter which demanded high uptime. Digitally keeping track of these inspections, while challenging, highlighted areas for operational improvement.

Under Utilized Legacy Asset Management Solution: Sodexo had implemented a globally recognized asset management solution. However, its complexity and user-unfriendly interfaces led to partial utilization by the field teams. In some facilities, it resulted in a reliance on manual checks and Excel for process management & reporting. This approach was time-consuming and lacked the desired efficiency and accuracy for optimal facility management, which highlighted a need for a practical digital solution.

Pressing Need to Shift Toward Digital Transformation: With the ongoing trend of digital transformation across industries, Sodexo experienced a growing expectation from its global conglomerate clients for more digitized workflows and reporting scheme. These clients sought improved asset and field visibility, real-time issue tracking, and automated reporting to streamline field operations. Sodexo, an early adopter of high-tech and as a global leader in facility management services, recognized the importance of embracing technological changes to meet these expectations and maintain market competitiveness.

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The pivotal factor in Sodexo’s Taskimo adoption was Taskimo’s remarkably user-friendly mobile application, offering Sodexo operators an unparalleled level of simplicity and intuitiveness. This characteristic significantly elevated user engagement, with operators readily embracing the system as part of their daily routines.

Another critical aspect of Taskimo's impact on Sodexo's operations lies in its robust reporting and dashboarding capabilities. Facility management at Sodexo now benefits from out-of-the-box automated reporting, providing real-time insights into field activities. Taskimo's automated notifications, delivered through various communication channels such as email, Whatsapp, and MS Teams chat, play a pivotal role in ensuring proactive responses to out-of-tolerance metrics or malfunctioning assets. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces the need for constant field monitoring, allowing Sodexo to redirect management focus towards operational optimization.

The flexibility, comprehensiveness, and swift deployment of Taskimo further solidified its position as the preferred solution for Sodexo. The company opted for Taskimo over globally recognized asset management alternatives, recognizing its unparalleled adaptability. Today, when mobilizing a new facility management operation, Sodexo seamlessly implements a new Taskimo Workspace. The process, including the creation of checklist templates and establishment of repeating work orders with an automated reporting and dashboarding scheme, takes no longer than 2 days. This rapid deployment ensures that Sodexo can swiftly integrate Taskimo into their workflow, empowering them to efficiently manage and optimize their operations from day one.

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The deployment of Taskimo has demonstrated remarkable outcomes for Sodexo. Within a mere 4.5 months since the initial implementation, Taskimo's usage has surged, handling over 100,000 monthly inspection tasks spread across various facilities.

One notable achievement is the remarkable acceptance rates achieved by frontline operators, nearing an impressive 100%. This notable success can be attributed to the inherent ease of use, fostering a seamless integration into the daily workflows of frontline personnel.

The tangible benefits extend beyond user satisfaction, as Sodexo is already experiencing significant time savings. With the current utilization levels, Taskimo has contributed to an average monthly savings of 12,000 frontline worker hours. Additionally, the automation of inspection rounds and reporting processes has led to a reduction of approximately 80 management hours per month. These efficiencies underscore the transformative impact of Taskimo in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and delivering tangible time and resource savings for Sodexo.

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